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Your donation of as little as $5 can help us connect hundreds of underserved Georgians to health insurance and other resources they need to stay healthy. Help us serve your community.

At RING, we form partnerships with local and national organizations that aim to enroll uninsured Americans in health coverage and other foundational resources. This helps keep you (and our country) healthy.

The mission of RING is to build student leaders in universities across Georgia and reduce disparities in health by connecting underserved populations with health insurance and other basic social, medical, and foundational resources.

Our Approach

RING is committed to reducing health disparities throughout Georgia by training student leaders to participate in volunteer outreach, raise awareness of health resources, and assist consumers in health insurance application and enrollment. Some RING members will serve as Certified Application Counselors (CAC) and walk consumers through the new Health Insurance Marketplace. They will also help consumers enroll in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP). In order to reach more people, RING plans to expand across the state by involving major colleges and universities.

Along with enrolling individuals in health insurance plans, RING members will educate and connect these people to services that could improve their standard of living. These include federally-subsidized housing, transportation services, food stamps, and employment. Student volunteers will be on the ground helping with enrollment campaign efforts, media management, and other aspects of outreach. These include advertisement events and health insurance education nights at each partner university. Through these activities, younger, healthier people will be actively engaged in health insurance enrollment.